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Travels with my Uncle Fester


Hi my name is Fester, most call me Uncle Fester, I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I have traveled far and wide and have met travelers from all over the world.  The reason I am included in this site is to add a little humor and some common horse sense.  Also to ask all who read that if they have any thoughts please share them with the world.

Last fall I visited several new cities. I was in Yangshuo which is a great place to kick back, I went to Konming, Dali, Liajian and Shangrila. All are fantastic.   China is just now opening up with hopes to show a positive view for the 2008 Olympics.  A site which we found very helpful was www.itsaboutchina.com it has all kinds of information and links on China.  And you can even communicate with several Chinese directly. We have found some interesting places to live like locals. We even had a great time volunteering as teachers and a couple of the local schools who are desperate to have native English speaking people come and teach. If you what more information about that go to Education. Check it out.  If you have been to China email use on some of your thoughts.  We plan on going back to China every year till the Olympics and see how thing change.  Keep in touch.

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