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Why China Direct Trading?


What do we Do:

Here at China Direct Trading, we specialize in offering a multi-purpose unique business to business systems. We will supply your firm with all your needs to make a smooth and successful business relationship with your overseas clients.  In as little time as it takes to fill out our online form, we will have a consultant ready for you to start your Internet E-commerce experience. With a large customer base, affiliated programs and a completely customized organization, you are sure to impress your clients. Get on-line and start selling to the World!

What makes us unique:

There are a lot of B2B online services out there, we know.  How many will offer you and your clients a personal LOCAL LIAISON to make sure that things run smoothly. We will have a person who will meet your clients, guide them to your business and help with all the details to make this new relationship a smooth one. Our B2B stands for BACK TO BASICS   making sure that the relationship between you and your clients will be long and successful.  

Excellent Customer Service:

We pride ourselves on service, and ease of use. China Direct Trading clients can contact us directly at any time with general questions about using the service. And should you need assistance in setting up or managing your business at any time, our trained staff will be happy to help you via email, 7 days a week.

Unequaled Professionalism:

Every China Direct Trading client is given a personal representative.  This is your Local Liaison.  This personís job is to find out everything about your company so that they can better communicate with the foreign company.  For the foreigner it is the person who will guide them through all the details and customs of doing business with China.  Each Liaison is trained by a team of foreign and Chinese business people to make sure that the experience is professional and smooth.  In most cases the Liaison will be a person who has worked in you field of business.


Targeted Focus:

China Direct Tradingís focus is on the CLIENT. If you are a Chinese company it is to bring you into direct face to face contact with as many foreign clients as possible.  If you are a Foreign client it is to give you a good way to meet Chinese companies who can supply you with the finest products to meet your needs.

Well-Established Traffic:

CDT is continuously attending conventions and fairs in the USA, China and Europe.  In this way we are constantly making new contacts.  This along with our on going programs of introducing companies to companies and referrals we have a well established traffic record.


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